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Flash, Ektron and XML (Oh My), three technologies you don't see powering websites today.


SafeNet was an interesting project on a multitude of levels. This site allowed the use of custom JavaScript, Flash & XML integration as well as the use of AJAX.

The client had requested a Flash-based image rotator on the homepage that was managed through the CMS. The solution we came up with was to have the Ektron CMS output XML and allow Flash to read the XML to get the text and images.

We also built a non-Flash version of the image rotator that used AJAX to read the XML and recreate the Flash effects using jQuery’s animation abilities. Personally, this is the only approach I would have used but the client felt very strongly about the use of Flash.

Unfortunately shortly after the project went live the client decided to change the look of the site. They did a complete change of the primary color scheme while keeping the layouts and JavaScript that we had coded.