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Quest Forward Academy

A new kind of high school.

Screenshot of Quest Forward Academy website

The Quest Forward Academy website was a unique project for me. Our client provided all the information architecture and design, needing us to implement it into code. To make sure this project went off without a hitch we approached this project with the client as a partnership and it was an incredibly fulfilling experience to work with such a great team.

The website was built in WordPress using Twig as our templating engine. I was the sole developer on this project building all the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as well as the post types, taxonomies and content model in WordPress.

I build this site to allow for flexible layouts allowing the client to build any number of combinations of layouts on each page. I think it was very successful and I was proud to have been a part of this project.

Unfortunately, this site is no longer live as it was absorbed into the larger parent organization, Opportunity Education. While that makes me sad, I am very proud to have helped spread the message of such an excellent organization.