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Provident Bank

Last largest independent commercial bank in Maryland gets a new website in 2009; gets bought out in 2009, and then in 2009 gets an old website by 2009 standards.

Provident Bank

The Provident Bank website was one of the first projects that I completed after starting at The Berndt Group. I took over the project around the halfway point from the front-end developer who I replaced. To keep the momentum in the project I adopted the existing coding style.

The website was built using the CrownPeak CMS with a combination of valid XHTML, CSS and JavaScript. The website had multiple sections that each had its own style sheet to have the correct color formatting.

The Provident Bank website was really a great piece of work that was successful due to the two great teams that worked on the project, The Berndt Group and the Provident Bank team. This website is no longer live as Provident Bank was bought out by M&T Bank a few months after the project launched.

It was a big disappointment to see the website come down as it was a great piece of work but the biggest disappointment was seeing the M&T Bank website that replaced it, it didn’t stand up to our work (at the time).