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A brochure website for the parent company of Ryan Homes

Screenshot of NVRInc

NVR, Inc. operates in two business segments: homebuilding and mortgage banking. LMO had previously built websites for both arms of this business. When the time to rebuild they came back to us.

Keeping it Simple

For the website we kept things simple and made a small HTML only brochure website. Since NVR, Inc. has their own developers we decided to keep the site out of a CMS to keep costs and timeline to a minimum. After building the site we provided NVR with both the build files and the final output so they could launch and update the site as needed.

The Build Process

While the site is all HTML I still wanted to be able to use include files for components that are used on multiple pages. For more complex sites I may use JSON and Twig and have that compile to HTML. However, keeping with simplicity we created file includes that compiled out to HTML. We powered that process with a combination of NPM Scripts, Grunt & Gulp. This build process also compiled and minified our Sass into CSS, JavaScript written in ES6 was converted with Babel(and minified) and finally the HTML output was cleaned up to be easy to read by other developers.


While this website was small and simple we hit our goals. We provided the client with a nicely designed website on a low budget and short timeline.