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Nutshell is the CRM for the business that didn't realize they need a CRM

Nutshell is a software company that built the Nutshell CRM; a CRM for people who don’t know they need a CRM. They approached LMO to help them rebrand their identity and to rebuild their website from the ground up. The website needed to be built in WordPress, a technology I was familiar with but hadn’t used for some time.

The prep work on

While I was not supposed to do any development on this project I was in charge of making sure the WordPress site was built up to standards. I had done a lot of research on modern WordPress development and put together a presentation for my team. In this presentation, I showcased the benefits of using Timber as a starter theme and the use of Advanced Custom Fields plugin.

The development for

The project started and excellent work was produced by the two developers, Mark Levy on front-end and Rob Dentry on the back-end. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, I wound up taking over the majority of the front-end development on this project. Since I happened to be well versed in WordPress as well I also contributed to a lot of that development for the remainder of the project and became the sole developer during maintenance.

Awards won byNutshell

  • 2017 Silver DC Addy