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The Marriot,

A travel website promoting locations with Marriot properties.

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The Marriot was an existing client of VIM Interactive (now LMO) before I joined the team. VIM had maintained multiple ExpressionEngine websites originally built by another company.

ExpressionEngine to WordPress

Marriot came to us and asked us to combine the multiple sites, which promoted travel, into a single website. They had two stipulations, the site needed to be responsive and it needed to be powered by WordPress.

Manager and Developer

This project was one of my first as a manager. My team member, Marty Minton, handled the majority of the front-end development. I took over after he moved on to a new company. On this project, I acted as the WordPress developer. This was the first time worked in WordPress for many years and it changed my thoughts on the platform.

With the right plugins WordPress is a CMS for the Marriot

For many years I wasn’t a fan of WordPress being used as a CMS (I hadn’t used it since 2006). The reason being is that WordPress is a blogging platform with one post type and pages. Making WordPress more robust used to mean jumping through hoops with a lot of custom PHP.

It was on this project I found many plugins that allow WordPress to become a robust CMS. These plugins include YoastSeo, Custom Post Type UI, Advanced Custom Fields, and Relevanssi.

Maintenance and Sunset was a website that I handled the maintenance on, both front-end and back-end development for about 2 years until the client decided to shut down the site.