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Recruiting website for the United States Coast Guard.

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The United States Coast Guard has been a client of LMO since before I started working there years ago. When they needed a new website I was lucky enough to be the front-end developer that got to work on it. Sure I was the only front-end developer with the company at the time but still.

Requirements for

The two big front-end requirements for was that it needed to be responsive and it needed to meet Section 508 compliance. Knowing that the Section 508 refresh was coming (though it took another 4 years to happen) I made the website meet WCAG 2.0 AA standards as well. I always prefered WCAG over Section 508, while there are more rules to follow I found it much easier to verify.

During the build process I continually tested pages to ensure the responsive design worked on a wide variety of devices. I also tested for accessibility through the process as it is easier to fix mistakes early instead of pushing them through the entire site.