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Recruiting Website for the United States Air Guard

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LMO had been the agency of record for the United States Air Guard for many years. When the time to build a new recruiting website came along LMO was tasked with building the new website.

Front-end Development for may be on of the largest websites I ever worked on with 45 different front-end templates. While many of the templates did reuse components it was still a tremendous amount of work. Due to the size of the project senior front-end developer Amanda Blake also worked on this project and was absolutely invaluable in completing the project. Amanda took point towards the end of the project to allow me to focus on other clients.

Amanda and I built the site using a combination of HTML includes, JavaScript and Sass compiled into CSS. As we built the 45 templates we validated that we met WCAG 2.0 AA standards with such tools as Tenon &am; Wave toolbar to name a few. During the build process, we also ran visual regression tests written in Wraith and then CasperJs.

.NET Integration

As we finished templates we would pass them off to the .NET team to integrate with the dynamic functionality. As they completed their work we would validate the code and visual consistency of the site, making fixes and updates as needed.

The Fate of

Do to the bureaucracy of the U.S. government and contracts expiring, the website was turned off shortly after it launched. While the site can still be accessed it is a shell of its former self. The CDN’s have been turned off, the APIs shutdown and the site loads missing all assets for about 30 seconds before it looks for missing assets locally. It has truly become an abandoned relic, but maybe one day it will turn back on.