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Center for AIDS Research

I'm very proud to have been a part of making a website about AIDS research for Johns Hopkins University.

Screen shot of the CFAR website

When CFAR approached us they wanted two things, a new design, and a new CMS. The client had been unhappy with their WordPress website and wanted to move into ExpressionEngine. At the time VIM Interactive, later LMO, was a shop that specialized in ExpressionEngine so we were a perfect fit.

We listened to CFAR’s issues with the existing CMS and website and created a plan to ease their frustration. When we launched the site the client was both happy with design and functionality of the website.

Since launching the website another team went back and made it responsive based on the design and code we created. It is also worth noting that CFAR’s issues with WordPress had nothing to do with CMS but how it had been implemented by another company.