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Calling All Optimists

A website promoting the power of having an MBA

Screenshot of Calling All Optimists

The Calling All Optimists was an interesting website to work on. LMO partnered with Nail Communications out of Rhode Island for this project. They designed the project and we coded it to bring it to life.

Front-end for Calling All Optimists

This project had a quick turn around and a lot of moving parts so I decided to split things into small manageable chunks. For this project, we used a combination of JSON and Twig to create the final HTML output. Splitting out each section of the site into its own Twig partial allowed us to focus on the task at hand. We also split our Sass and JavaScript into small bite-sized chunks of functionality. We used a combination of Browserify and Babel to allow for modular code with ES6.

Creating the Magazine Covers

The client wanted the users to engage with the site and have something they could share to promote the site. Nail had an idea of creating custom magazine covers with the ability for users to upload and crop their own photos. We decided to build the new images using the JavaScript library, OragamiJS, which made working in canvas a breeze.

The user uploads their image and is able to crop the image how they want it. Once they are done the cropper passes a base64 image to canvas, which then loads the correct cover and name over the image. When complete the canvas image was grabbed with PHP and converted to a PNG which allowed it to be shared on Facebook and Twitter.

It Was a Team Effort

While I did the bulk of the work on this project there are two people who need to be given credit. First is senior front-end developer Amanda Blake who coded the success stories section of the site. On top of that, she did QA testing and fixed any front-end bugs she found. Second is Jerry Price who handled all the PHP coding in Laravel as well as the dev-ops.