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American Visionary Art Museum

Unique website for a unique museum

American Visionary Arts Museum website

I’m not sure what to say about this website except it is fun and funky much like the American Visionary Art Museum itself. If you’ve never experienced what this wonderfully unique museum has to offer you are truly missing out on something that you’ll be hard to find outside of Baltimore.

I was the only front-end developer that worked on this project back in 2010. When this website was built it was not put into a CMS and the pages were maintained through Dreamweaver templates. While not ideal it did meet the client’s needs and has been in use for over 7 years.

One thing to note about this website is that the homepage and next to the navigation rely on Flash. As most browsers no longer include Flash by default you may see some missing pieces.

Awards won by American Visionary Art Museum

  • 2010 Davey Award - Silver
  • 2010 Horizon Award - Silver
  • 2010 OMNI Intermedia Awards - Gold
  • 2010 W3 Award - Gold
  • 2011 ADDY Award - Gold