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Alexandria Economic Development Partnership

The Business of Bold.

Screenshot of AEDP

The website for Alexandria Economic Development Partnership or AEDP was a fun one. This was the first project that I got to work in that was done in WordPress’s newish page builder Gutenberg. Using Gutenberg was a challenge as it was a totally new way of building WordPress websites.

On this project I was the secondary developer, taking my lead and marching orders from Amanda Blake. Together we determined who was going to build which custom block and collaborated to share what we had learned during this whole process.

Gutenberg gave us an opportunity to use React to build the blocks on the backend to give the client a true WYSIWYG experience. We did utilize the server side blocks so we could continue using Twig for front-end templating and more importantly not run into issues when we made block updates.

Building this site was incredibly challenging as we had to learn a whole new way to build a custom and flexible website; and that made it that much more rewarding seeing it launch.