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About Dan Blake

I am Dan Blake, a web developer from Baltimore, Maryland with over 13 years of professional experience. I specialize in writing accessible HTML, CSS & JavaScript and building websites in WordPress. I have completed work on websites for small business, startups, educational institutions and the United States government.

Over the past 5 years as an employee of LMO, I have split my time between front-end web development and management. As a manager, my role was creating processes and workflows that increased productivity. Working with project managers to review timelines, Jira tickets, and Gantt charts. I helped ensure my team delivered quality code while meeting our client's business objectives. Most of all my role was helping my team when they hit a bug they couldn't fix or hit a roadblock.

Development Process

As a web developer I'm constantly learning and honing my skills to keep up with changing technology.Below you'll find some highlights of the skills, methodologies, and technologies that are used in my daily development and can be seen in my portfolio.

Front-end Development

  • Valid and accessible HTML, CSS & JavaScript
  • Accessiblity testing with Wave toolbar, Tenon, color contrast tools and good old fashion user testing
  • CSS created from Sass with custom functions and mixins as needed, written with BEM syntax
  • Critical CSS, image optimizations and other performance enhancing techniques
  • Name spaced JavaScript broken into small files that utilize ES5 and ES6 syntax and are transformed with Babel
  • Automated workflows using a combination of NPM Scripts, Grunt, and Gulp
  • Understanding how to create custom Google Analytic events and when to use them
  • Working knowledge of Google Tag Manager and how to make it pass data to Google Analytics
  • Strong knowledge of SEO best practices

WordPress Development

  • Turn WordPress into a fully functional CMS with the custom post types and Advanced Custom Fields
  • Custom theme development using Timber, which uses Twig as a rendering engine
  • WordPress optimizations for faster websites

Teaching and Speaking

One of the things I enjoy as a front-end developer is helping others learn and improve their skills. I have been fortunate enough to have a few opportunites to share my knowledge on the topic of web development.

  • 2015 - Speaker at Baltimore AIGA's Ink and Pixels event, which is focused on students
  • 2014 - Taught the 10 week Front-end Web Development course at Betamore
  • 2012 - Featured speaker at a Baltimore AIGA monthly event on web development