Maryland Science Center

Screen shot of Maryland Science Center website

As a kid the Maryland Science Center was one of my two favorite places on the planet, the other being the National Aquarium in Baltimore. I was very excited to have the opportunity to work on a brand new website for the Maryland Science Center (I've also done a lot of upkeep on the Aquarium's site). This site was an interesting one to do, it needed to be plain HTML with includes so no CMS. Once we completed our work the good folks at the Maryland Science Center would handle the upkeep and add new pages as they needed.

The site was fairly straight forward to code. Our biggest hurdle was to find away to allow the Maryland Science Center to easily highlight which page was active in the navigation while keeping the navigation an include. I eventually decided to create a JavaScript function that would allow them to set the correct active pages with a function fired on each page. My only regret on this site is that I did not create the function to automatically set the correct navigation highlights from the URL as I did on later projects.