Creative Alliance

Screen shot of Creative Alliance website

The Creative Alliance was a pretty cool site to work on. This was one of the first sites I got to do that didn't support Internet Explorer 6 (yeah I know that supporting IE6 in this day and age is sad). While the original templates were standards compliant XHTML they got destroyed during the Drupal development (not done by me).

I got to write a fair amount of custom jQuery code for this site. The biggest piece was for the homepage slideshow. To follow the designers vision I needed to have 4 versions of each image and have them rotated and then slide and fade. I cloned each image 3 times, combined it with a plugin that allowed me to invert the images and then back to custom code for the slide show. The code is set up to be flexible and allow the client to use as many images as they want.

We did hit a snag with Internet Explorer's rendering engine where the slideshow would pause on the second image in each rotation so the functionality was duplicated using Flash. However only IE users get that experience which allows the slideshow to work fine on your favorite mobile device and tablets.