Baltimore Beer Week

Screen shot of Baltimore Beer Week website

I am a beer geek who loves local beer so when the opportunity to work on The Baltimore Beer Week (BBW) website came up I jumped on it. The first year the site was just some PHP & MYSQL where I handled the JavaScript, HTML & CSS. I was really unhappy with how the site turned out so for year two I convinced the committee that we needed to switch to a CMS, have wire frames, IA and high level information architecture.

This version of the site was a lot of fun for me as I did everything except the design. After handling all the IA I developed the site using the ExpressionEngine CMS. This was the first site I used ExpressionEngine on and I learned quite a bit about EE both good and bad.

The site allowed beer companies and bars to become sponsors by signing up online. After approval they could then log in to the site and add events to the database. Each event had relationships with up to 5 sponsors and 1 venue.

The site also allowed beer geeks to view events based on day, sponsors or venue location. There was a custom search which allowed searching on the previously mentioned criteria and key words, which for the most part were various beers listed in the event description.

The feedback I got on the site through beer week was very positive and overall I was happy with the results.