American Visionary Art Museum

Screen shot of American Visionary Art Museum website

I'm not sure what to say about this website except it is fun and funky much like the American Visionary Art Museum itself. If you've never experienced what this wonderfully unique museum has to offer you are truly missing out on something that you'll be hard to find outside of Baltimore.

This may be one of my favorite websites that I got to work on. When I first saw the design I told my boss I'm pulling seniority and calling dibs on doing the coding for this site. I thought it was one of the cooler designs I had seen. The client wound thinking the design wasn't outlandish enough and Jae Shin, the amazing designer he is, made something that blew the original design out of the water; that is what you see here.

This site allowed me to do some fun custom jQuery coding and do to the age of the site it is fully functional in IE6.